5 Apps You Can’t Travel Without

5 Apps You Can’t Travel Without

Travelling is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can get very difficult and uncoordinated. These days you can use mobile applications to optimize your travelling experience.

Here is a list of some apps that you should always have on your phone while travelling.

Google translate

When you are traveling to exotic countries, the language barrier can be a major problem.

So if you are planning to visit a location where a different language is spoken, you will find googles free translation application very handy.

Apps You Can’t Travel Without

The application is simple and easy to use, and it can translate normal, daily use languages very accurately.

The app does sometimes fail to provide accurate translation when you are trying to translate a complicated phrase or idiom, but overall it is very useful.

All you have to do is write what you want to be translated and select the translation language and press the translate button.

The app will give you the results in text form, but you can also make the app pronounce the translation, which makes things even easier.

You can also pre-download language packs and use google translate offline when you don’t have mobile data.

Google maps

Google Maps is without any doubt the best mobile navigation app in the world.

Google maps make sure that you never get lost. The app shows the normal maps, but it also shows a satellite view and a street view so that you can navigate more easily.

Also google maps is a great way to plan your travel routes. You can get the ideal route for a car, a bike, walking and even public transport.

For driving google maps also shows live traffic conditions so that you can plan a route that doesn’t get you stuck in traffic.

You can also download maps on your phone before you leave so that you can use them online when you don’t have mobile data.

Air bnb

Air bnb is and amazing new app that you can use to book places to stay while you are on holiday.

The prices on air bnb are cheaper than hotels, and you get a real home experience while travelling.

Air bnb is an app I cannot travel without as it makes finding places to stay so easy.

You can also pre-book a place even before you leave for the country so that you don’t have to worry about finding hotels after you land.

Using air bnb can get you very easy living accommodations for a very reasonable price while you are traveling.


If you don’t want to use air bnb or if it doesn’t operate in the country you are visiting then you should download the Trivago application.

Trivago is an amazing app that compares prices of hotels and gives you the most reasonable option according to the features you have specified.

Trivago also has a rating system where people can rate and review hotel rooms so you can read the reviews from people who have used the room before.

Trivago is the best app that can help you find the perfect hotel for you.


This is an amazing application that makes planning road trips very easy. The app also shows the places that you should check out on the way.

The app can also be used to set driving shifts, and it can notify you when it is time to switch drivers.

Using this app will make your next road trip very comfortable and enjoyable.

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Apps You Can’t Travel Without

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