Blackpool Art Gallery – The Grundy Art Gallery

Blackpool Art Gallery - The Grundy Art Gallery

Blackpool is home to some amazing attractions. One of those is the Grundy Art Gallery. This Blackpool art gallery is a fascinating place to visit.

With various shows and exhibitions on throughout the year you will always see something new. The Grundy Art Gallery is located on the promenade end of Queen Street.

Admission is free and opening times are 10am till 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.

Blackpool Art Gallery is home to local exhibits that put Blackpool on the map. A collection of local history and work by the people from the area.

There are various programmes throughout the year showing off these works of art and important historical pieces.

Blackpool Art Gallery

Steeped in local history the Grundy Art Gallery was founded back in 1911. For well over 100 years the Grundy has provided the local people and tourist a range of contemporary art.

Everyone is welcome to come and encouraged to explore the gallery. Group tours guided by a curatorial are available and wheelchair access is also here for those with any mobility issues.

Throughout the year at Blackpool Art Gallery there are various shows. These range from the local people of Blackpool, commissioned pieces and exhibits from other galleries.

The Grundy is a place you can visit any time or the year and see new work making it one of the best free attractions in Blackpool.

If you see a piece of art that catches your eye, the gallery shop has a wide range of gifts and many are available as a print. Postcards and other souvenirs can be purchased at the shop.

For those with a true passion for art, the Grundy Art Gallery is always on the lookout for volunteers. Although more for local people they are always keen to speak to those with an interest for art and culture.

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