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Blackpool Donkey Rides

One of the most famous sights you will see in the holiday season here at the resort are the Blackpool donkey rides.

A firm favourite with the kids and going back to 1890 these majestic animals have stood the test of time bring smiles and memories throughout generations.

Blackpool Donkey Rides

Over the years with help from advocates the welfare has never been better for the donkeys.

Each donkey has there own name, as seen on there nose bands, all are seen by a vet and get a full health check, and to top it off they also get a Friday off work!

Although mainly for the younger ones, the Blackpool donkey rides can carry adults but with restrictions.

The maximum weight limit is 8 stones so if you are like myself, a touch over, you can still enjoy yourself capturing those priceless moments with the camera!

With the weight limit and regular health checks all the donkeys are kept at stables and work a maximum of 48 hours throughout the week. 

The Blackpool donkey rides are a great way to spend an afternoon on the beach.

Prices for the donkey rides are just a few pounds and for the fun you will have it is probably one of the best things to do in Blackpool.

Anything to do with animals can be controversial and with all the health checks, the high quality of stables, weight restrictions and working times the Blackpool donkeys are very well looked after.

Since 1890 when we knew less about animal welfare the treatment and care of the donkeys in Blackpool is second to none. 

Cost of Blackpool Donkey Rides

The cost of the Blackpool donkey rides do vary. For a single trip you are looking at just a few pounds.

For those having a family day out you can normally get a small discount but the prices are so low anyway you won't need one.

You can take longer trips for an extra pound or two and is well worth doing on those sunny days.

One thing though, taking the kids to enjoy the Blackpool Donkeys is very inexpensive, it's memorable and one thing they will always remember.

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