Full List of Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

Full List of Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

We all like a bargain and Blackpool is full of them.

When looking for Blackpool North hotels cheap it can consume hours of you time finding the right deal.

Why pay over the odds, with so many hotels in Blackpool North you can be sure of finding the one that suits your budget.

Here we take a look at the hotels that don’t break the bank giving you more value for your money.

Please note that prices do vary throughout the year and prices listed below are an average you would expect to pay.

Some you will get cheaper and some may be more expensive.

Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

Mayport Marras - Rooms are available from as little as £8 a night. For a 3 star hotel with Central Pier and Blackpool North on the doorstep what more could you ask for!

The Stretton Hotel - A beachfront hotel directly on Blackpool North promenade, prices are around £25 per night.

Parisienne Hotel - Located on the seafront with great views over the North promenade, prices are around 25 per night, it is worth shopping around for the Parisienne as per night they can be over £50 per night but on other booking sites for the same stay as low as £20.

Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

Adam and Eve Hotel - For around £12 a night you have both Blackpool North and Central within walking distance. A great choice when you want to keep costs down and enjoy the attractions of Blackpool North.

Best Western Carlton Hotel - A popular hotel also on the North seafront of Blackpool with rooms available for around £36 a night. It is worth doing some price comparisons with the Carlton as you can get a £50 room for less than £30 with a bit of digging around online.

Singleton House - Just want a roof for the night with no nasty surprises? The Singleton house is fantastic hotel to stay at whilst in Blackpool. It has all you need and gives you easy access to Blackpool North. Prices per night start at around £14.

The Chimes on the Sea Hotel - A quaint hotel within easy reach of Blackpool North. It has great sea views and has that family run feel to it. For as little as £30 a night you can make the Chimes on the Sea Hotel your base for your Blackpool holiday.

Romley House - Don’t mind a little walk in to Blackpool North? For just 15 per night this traditional guesthouse has everything you need. Location wise it is Central but you can reach Blackpool North with a short walk. For the price you pay the savings are definitely worth it.

Airedale Hotel - Want Blackpool North hotels cheap? You get that at the Airedale and a fabulous view over the beachfront. Although closer to central pier it is worth considering if you don’t mind a short walk. You will not meet nicer hosts in Blackpool. At as little as £30 a room it makes a great hub for you visit to Blackpool.

Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

Oasis Guest House - If you are looking for Blackpool North hotels cheap then this is one to make the shortlist. Located on the popular Dickinson road it is prime location for Blackpool North. For as little as £17 a night you have Blackpool North at your feet!

Grand Metropole Hotel - A perfect position for those wanting to experience Blackpool North. Slap bang on the seafront with a short walk across the road into Blackpool North. Shopping, food and drink, bars and Blackpool attractions are just a stone’s throw away. Prices are around £35 per night.

Other Options For Blackpool North Hotels Cheap

If you have access to a car then a quick drive around Blackpool North will bring you directly to the doors of all the Blackpool North hotels. Many accept walking and have great discounts with prices as little as £8 a room.

The holiday rental scene has exploded over the year with online sites like Airbnb. With this brings competition and keeps prices low.

You can book a room for a night, shared accommodation and whole properties for your stay.

Hostels are another alternative to booking a Blackpool North hotel. Over the years we have seen a drastic rise in occupancy stays.

This is due to Blackpool hostels adapting with their guests needs. Many have free Wi-Fi, private rooms and all the mod cons you would expect at a hotel.

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