Blackpool Parking | Locations | Prices | Fines

Blackpool Parking | Locations | Prices | Fines

Getting to Blackpool is the easy part, putting the car somewhere can sometimes be a nightmare. Blackpool parking is like any other place, if you know where to park you will be fine.

Below is a list of the car parking options in Blackpool. Please be sure to times and tariffs to avoid and fines when parking in Blackpool.

For any enquiries regarding fines and clamps you need to identify on the ticket/notice who is dealing with it.

Council issued fines can be dealt with by the local council at Private companies can be harder to deal with so make sure you have as much detail about the car park and alleged parking offence before you leave.

As with parking anywhere in the UK make sure you have the correct ticket displayed. If you have a disability badge to have it prominently displayed and keep between the lines.

For overnight Blackpool parking remove anything of value and check the expire time on the parking ticket issued.

Blackpool Parking North Shore

Banks Street Car Park

Gynn Square Car Park

Dickinson Road Car Park

Talbot Road Car Park

Cocker Street Car Park

Queen Street Car Park

East Topping Street Car Park

South King Street Car Park

Blackpool Secure Car Park - Hornby Street

West Street Car Park

Hounds Hill Car Park - Coronation Street

Church Street Car Park - Cookson Street

Blackpool Parking Central Shore

Central Car Park - Central Drive

Bonny Street Car Park

Bloomfield Road Car Park

Lonsdale Road Car Park

Rigby Road Car Park

Coop Street Car Park

Seasiders Way Car Park

Blackpool Parking South Shore

Lonsdale Road Car Park

Bolton Street Car Park

South Car Park - Yeadon Way

Lytham Road Car Park

Parking Pleasure Beach - Bond Street

South Beach Car Park - Promenade Front

If by any chance all the above Blackpool car parks are full some hotels will let you use theirs. This is depending on space available and will normally come with a charge.

Blackpool Parking

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