Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sea Life Centre is one of the best things to do whilst in Blackpool.

Not only educational but it’s something, no matter what age, all the family can enjoy.

With over 2500 creatures in this mega sized waterworld, the Sea Life Centre Blackpool is a must when visiting Blackpool.

As you enter this world of water you get to see first hand just some of the amazing marine life here.

With rock pools full of life, and for the brave the chance to touch and feel some of these amazing creatures.

Blackpool Sea Life

Entering the aqua depths where you can see everything from lobsters to octopuses in these giant tanks.

From here take a wander down quayside. A place where the big fish are found, stingrays and dogfish all on display.

You can stand at the glass walls at the stingray tanks and watch these close up.

Not only majestic but where else can you see creatures like this without getting deep in the ocean.

If you don’t mind going underwater you can also take a trip on the submarine where you will see the jellyfish.

Blackpool Sea Life

Not just fish at Blackpool Sea Life Centre, there is a rainforest to explore. From poisonous toads to friendly turtles, an exciting part of the Sea Life where you get to sea creatures you may never even of heard of.

One of the highlights of the Sea Life Centre Blackpool is the underwater tunnels.

Here you can walk through deep in the tanks and see sharks, stingrays and vampire fish.

New to the Sea Life Centre is the Sea Star. A showpiece of how starfish live underwater.

The Sea Life Centre is open all year round and perfect for those rainy days.

If your going to get wet what better way to spend it than in a huge fish tank.

Located on the promenade, getting to the Sea Life Center is easiest heading for Central Pier.

From there just head towards the Blackpool Tower and you cannot miss this great Blackpool attraction.

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