Blackpool Tower Attractions | The Complete Guide

Blackpool Tower Attractions | The Complete Guide

What visit to our favourite seaside resort would be complete without a day seeing the Blackpool Tower attractions.

One of the most iconic structures in the country opens its doors day after day to entertain, excite and thrill Blackpool holidaymakers.

There are six parts to the Blackpool Tower attractions and we guide you through each of them so you can plan your Blackpool holiday with ease.

The Blackpool Tower Eye

Spectacular views alone are worth the ride up in the elevator. Access to viewing platforms at the top of the Tower give you a sense of just how big Blackpool is.

If you are feeling brave you can take a walk over the glass floor and see straight down to the bottom of the tower base.

Blackpool Tower Attractions

Blackpool Tower Circus

Year after year Blackpool Tower Circus has entertained families. For over 100 years the circus has produced belly laughs with the clowns and gasps during the death defying stunts.

The Tower Circus is a fantastic day out for all ages and new shows are performed every year.

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

One of the most popular Blackpool Tower attractions is the Tower Dungeon. A haunting ride down to the shallows of the tower via a medieval lift to get the show started.

As you explore each of the 10 shows with a full cast of actors you do start to wonder if it’s real of just a show.

Blackpool Tower Attractions

Jungle Jim’s

One for the kids to let off some steam and for the adults to unwind with a cuppa.

This theme style play area has zip lines, slides and ball pools to keep the kids entertained. A soft play area is also at Jungle Jim’s for the toddlers to enjoy.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

As you step inside the Tower Ballroom for the first time it really is breathtaking.

Elegantly fitted out with the famous organ standing on stage, the dance floor ready for the next dance.

Just seeing the Ballroom is a must and for the dancers, a real treat. Stop by and watch the whirls of dancers with afternoon tea and cake.

If you are feeling like a dance just head on over to the famous dance floor.

The Harry Ramsden Restaurant

A new addition to the Blackpool Tower attractions is the Harry Ramsden Restaurant. A huge selection on the menu hot options, cold plates and daily specials.

Meals for children and also catering for various diets it’s the perfect dining option in the Tower.

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