Live Blackpool Weather And Forecast

Live Blackpool Weather And Forecast

Don't get caught out when planning you holiday to Blackpool, stay up to date with our live Blackpool weather and forecast checker located on the bottom of this page.

Plan your days out with ease and avoid those rainy days when doing outdoor activities.

Although there is so much to see and do in the resort.

Knowing what the Blackpool weather will be like can help you plan your stay better.

Dry days for the Pleasure Beach, market and wandering down the famous prom.

And when we get those rainy days there is the many cabaret bars to catch a show, have fun in the amusement arcades or have a splash in the Sandcastle

Blackpool Weather Throughout The Year

January to April - As with most parts of the UK, cold, ice and chilly nights. We see lows of 2°C and highs of around 13°C.

Blackpool does not see much snow but does get very icy in the early part of the year.

The temperatures start to rise in April as we approach the summer season.

May to August - This is when we get the best of the Blackpool weather.

A steady rise in temperature from May and both July and August are excellent.

Highs reach 20°C and lows 12°C. Over the years Blackpool has felt a lot warmer with days hitting as high as 30°C.

September to December - September is still a good month for the Blackpool weather.

As we creep into October this is where we see the temperature start to drop.

Although a lot colder its still a great time to visit Blackpool. Highs for this time of the year peak at around 12°C with lows averaging as low as 2°C in December.

One of the best things about Blackpool is there is so much to do and see. You can easily plan your holiday here regardless of the weather in Blackpool. Although we all prefer the sun there are plenty of options for those wet and windy days.

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