Cheap B and B Blackpool Options

Cheap B and B Blackpool Options

When looking for a cheap B and B Blackpool you have some great options to choose from.

With so many accommodation options in the resort it really is the buyers market so to speak. Here we take a look at how to get a cheap B and B Blackpool without ending up in fawlty towers.

Online bookings is pretty much the way forward these days when looking for cheap B and B’s in Blackpool.

Sites like Trivago have access to all the hotels in Blackpool and can give you up to date prices.

With this you can also get some great last minute deals with free cancellation and pay on arrival options.

Cheap B and B Blackpool

Just turning up at a Blackpool B&B still works. Although many B&B’s do prefer pre booking there are still some that accept walk ins and by choosing this option you can cut out the middleman and get the best possible price.

Discount sites are fast becoming an alternative way to book cheap Blackpool bed and breakfasts.

Sites like Wowcher have deals available with nearly 60% of the normal rate.

TopCashback is another option where you pay the normal rate then get cashback after your stay.

Coach holidays are booming as always and it’s no secret that you get big savings on your Blackpool B&B.

With pick up and drop off, meals and drink deals, tour operators like National Holidays and Alfa Travel have some fantastic deals well worth checking out.

Booking direct with B&B’s through their own website also gets you great savings.

Travelodge and Britannia Hotels will always give you the best price when looking for cheap B and B Blackpool options.

You have some great choices when it comes to saving money but as always do your homework. Make sure the B&B is in the right location for your needs and that you are not walking in to a place that is not fit for purpose.

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