The Best Places to Visit Near Blackpool

The Best Places to Visit Near Blackpool

The beauty of Blackpool is it surrounded by many stunning towns.

We have put together this guide of the best places to visit near Blackpool so you can experience Blackpool and its local towns.

There are fantastic transport links and recent upgrades getting around has never been easier.

With trams, bus services, taxis and for those that don’t mind a brisk walk, what better time to see the places near Blackpool.


Bispham is located on the edge of Blackpool North. A great village to visit near Blackpool.

The village has amazing sea views and perfect for the beach when Blackpool starts getting busy.

Shopping is a great way to spend a day in Bispham with plenty of shops for you to get around.

Getting to Bispham can be done by the tram, taxi or bus.

For those who are staying in the Blackpool North area it’s a nice walk down the the coastal front to Bispham.

Places to Visit Near Blackpool


Most known for the Fleetwood Port shopping centre when looking for the best places to visit near Blackpool this is a must.

You can easily spend a whole day in Fleetwood and has some fascinating sights to see.

Also at Fleetwood is a beach where you can laze away the day and catch some rays.

Easy access to Fleetwood by bus, tram and taxi make this a hot spot for days out when visiting Blackpool.


Set in between Bispham and Fleetwood is Cleveleys. With a traditional feeling around the town it’s a great place near Blackpool to visit.

Have a stroll around Jubilee Gardens or watch the world go by in one of the many cafes on the seafront.

Trams, buses and taxis all go this route and ideal for those that like a break from the hustle and bustle of Blackpool.

Poulton le Fylde

If you like market towns then you will love Poulton le Fylde! Found behind Blackpool North and Bispham, Poulton oozes tradition. With guest houses and local pubs you get a full warm welcome to Poulton.

Train service, buses and taxis are options to get to Poulton le Fylde. One recommendation is if you are visiting on your last day of your Blackpool holiday, pop in to the local butchers, you will not be disappointed!

Places to Visit Near Blackpool

Lytham St Annes

Many of us have probably heard of Lytham St Annes and a visit here is a must. This picturesque town is Lancashire through and through.

With pleasant walking routes, beach, lake and estuaries if you love the outdoors then you can not go wrong here.

Trains and bus service are the best options for getting to Lytham St Annes and for keen cyclists a perfect route to cycle.

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