Rosebank Villa Blackpool | Blackpool’s Hidden Gem *Must See*

Rosebank Villa Blackpool | Blackpool's Hidden Gem *Must See Hotel*

What can you say about the Rosebank Villa Blackpool? Every now and then you come across a gem, and the Rosebank Villa hotel is exactly that.

Finding faults at hotels is pretty easy, but at the Rosebank this is not the case.

Immaculate, clean, friendly, warm, welcoming, are just a few of the words you can use to describes this fantastic Blackpool hotel.

Amenities at the Rosebank Villa Blackpool

The Rosebank hotel has 19 rooms. They are clean, very clean, well presented and spacious.

The Rosebank is the kind of hotel that when you wake up, you feel like your at home.

The front rooms have great views of Blackpool Tower, that little reminder that you are in Blackpool.

Upon checking in, you will be met by the most welcoming hosts you could ever expect. Hospitality is their middle name.

Rooms do vary in size but they are still very spacious, this is part to the hosts dedication to keeping the rooms fresh and modern.

Rosebank Villa Blackpool

Bathrooms are all modern at the Rosebank Villa. Plenty of hot water, towels and upgraded rooms have jacuzzis.

Each room has tea and coffee making facilities so you can have a morning cuppa in the comfy bed looking out at the Tower.

Food and Drink at the Rosebank Villa Blackpool

Breakfast is included in the booking and is one to shout about. We love our food and the Rosebank will have you loving theirs. The dining room is spacious, cereals, tea and coffee is also served.

In the lounge you a pool table, dart board, TV and a bar. A wide choice of drinks are available and the prices are very good for a hotel.

A great place to start or finish an evening. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Rosebank.

Location of the Rosebank Villa Blackpool

Sat just around the corner from Adelaide Street, the Rosebank is on Leopold Grove. It’s around a 10 minute walk from Blackpool North train station.

Blackpool Tower is around 10 minutes away with the Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens on the route.

South Shore, South Pier and the Pleasure Beach are around 25 minutes walk away. Trams and buses are the easy option for bad weather and those with mobility options.

Central Pier is around 10 minutes walk away. Coral Island, Bonny Street Market and a good range of shops are on the route to Central Pier. Trams, buses and taxis can be found on the main promenade.

Families, couples, groups and solo travellers are all welcome to the Rosebank Villa hotel.

When we write about hotels we are as upfront and honest as possible. The Rosebank Villa should be on the list of hotels in Blackpool you are thinking of booking. We cannot stress enough of how much this hotel is a hidden gem.

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